12 Janvier 2018 | PRESSE | Kristen Coco

Aperçu des projets certifiés WELL en FRANCE


“The real estate industry in France intuitively understands how to build WELL,” said Sarah Welton, IWBI Vice President of Technical Solutions. “The WELL Building Standard is the perfect tool to enable France’s focus on health and well-being to come to life.” With 40 projects now engaged with WELL across the country including three certified projects, “France is leading the charge in Europe and making a clear statement about the value of wellness,” added Welton, who was joined onstage by representatives of Green Soluce, HRO France, G-ON, Sanofi and ARP Astrance. To date, all WELL projects here are offices, which has helped drive considerable impacts when it comes to advancing wellness in the workplace. Attendees were eager to learn about what’s coming next for WELL in France, including new synergies with local green building rating systems and a forthcoming crosswalk with HQE in 2018. Building on existing collaborations with LEED, Green Star and BREEAM, the new crosswalk will provide strategies for interiors projects, existing buildings and new buildings that are seeking multiple certifications on environmental sustainability and health. The WELL community also stood up to recognize early adopters as the first WELL Certified projects in France were awarded their Gold level plaques.

  • SCENEO, a 130,000 square-foot Core & Shell office project in Paris, was the first building in France, and across continental Europe, to be awarded WELL Certification. The WELL Certified SANOFI Le Carteret building in Lyon is a 200,000 square-foot New & Existing Interiors project. Also recognized by IWBI today was Tours DUO for its Precertification at the Platinum level. Designed by Jean Nouvel for Ivanhoe Cambridge, the 1,130,211 square-foot DUO is the first office building in Paris precertified under the WELL Core & Shell Certification program. DUO has also been awarded HQE and LEED platinum certifications.For more information about WELL projects in France, visit https://www.wellcertified.com

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